Why Brand Research

The statement of vision is always aimed towards the future. Building a strong brand carries numerous benefits that can enhance the success of your business.Brand research helps you identify a unique identity for your service or product, gain customer trust and loyalty, and achieve sustainable competitive value.


1- Unaided Awareness: Measures how much customers recall a brand without any hints or assistance. This metric is crucial as it demonstrates the brand's position in customers' minds.

2- Aided Awareness: This metric measures the recognition and comprehension of the brand when given hints or assistance.

These two metrics provide objective standards for assessing brand awareness currently and measuring the success of marketing activities in improving brand awareness in the long run.

Research by Sector:

It should not be assumed that all customer segments have the same level of brand awareness. Therefore, it's important to measure awareness for various target customer segments.

This objective assessment of awareness across different customer segments helps identify strengths and weaknesses in awareness levels for each segment, assisting in

1- Identifying segments that need more marketing efforts to raise awareness.

2- Targeting marketing campaigns more accurately to segments with low awareness.

3- Allocating resources more effectively across different customer sectors based on their needs.

Additional Information Gathering:

While the primary goal of awareness studies is to measure brand awareness levels, these studies can also provide valuable additional information about

1- Purchase drivers and factors that influence customers' purchasing decisions.

2- Barriers preventing customers from purchasing the product or service.

3- How customers use the product and their experiences with it.

4- Customer behaviors and trends within the category as a whole.

deep understanding

This additional information enables the building of a comprehensive and deep understanding of customer behavior and prevailing dynamics within the category, rather than solely focusing on brand awareness.

Consequently, the results of these studies can be used to improve marketing strategies, products, and services to better suit the real needs and interests of customers, enhancing the customer experience and increasing their loyalty to the brand.

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