Price Optimization Research

Why Price Optimization Research

There are a lot of levers to consider when it comes to pricing. Everything from individual prices points to when and how you charge for your products. With price optimization research, you gain peace of mind that you’re picking the right pricing approach to both attract customers and build profitability

Price Sweet Spots

Charge too little and people question your product quality. Charge too much and you alienate potential buyers. With pricing research, you see exactly where these swings occur to find your pricing sweet spot.

Price Trade-Offs

Price isn’t the only purchase decision factor. Most customers weigh price alongside other dimensions like features, benefits, and claims. Price optimization research “reads” these trade offs so you can assess exactly how to bundle your product to maximize interest.

Price Elasticity

Everyone wants to pay less…but that doesn’t mean they won’t pay a premium. By understanding how sensitive people are to price, and where purchase intent actually drops off, you pinpoint how to charge people to maximize profit.

New Product Introductions

When introducing a new product in an existing category, it’s hard knowing what to charge relative to the competition.

Pricing studies let you see exactly what price point is necessary so people will buy from you.

Entering New Categories

In new, emerging categories, there aren’t established price points. Customers haven’t been anchored. Yet.

Pricing studies give you initial intel when no other pricing benchmarks exist.

Revenue Maximization

Is your goal to maximize revenue from every purchase?

If so, you’ll need to understand how much you can charge before purchase intent materially declines.

Assessing Pricing Tiers

You may want to charge different prices for access to different features.

By understanding key price-to-feature trade-offs, you can determine exactly how to structure your product and pricing tiers.

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