Why Customer Journey Research

Make sure you stay front-and-center during every step of your customer’s buying process. By mapping the unique steps your customers take from first evaluating your category to making a final purchase decision, our customer journey research will shed light on the touch points needed to influence customer behavior.

Buying Stages

Whether it takes one day or one year, all purchase processes take some amount of time, and all customers go through some series of stages to make a purchase decision. We’ll identify the unique stages in the purchase cycle to make sure you and your team can walk in your customers’ shoes.

Resource Identification

Wouldn’t you want to know exactly what marketing channels to invest in and what personnel or materials you need to influence buyers?

With journey mapping research, you’ll see the exact resources you need at each stage of the buyer’s journey to help close more customers.

Evaluation Criteria

Most customers ask different questions as they move from early exploration to final purchase decisions. We’ll explore the tangible and intangible elements they look for during their purchase process so you know exactly how to overcome objections every step of the way.

Complex Sales

If you have long sales cycles, or there are many stakeholders in your product purchase decisions, you’ll need visibility into the complete process.

Journey maps show you who you need to influence, and how, to get the sale done.

Launch Planning

Do you know what marketing activities to prioritize, and which ones don’t deserve your funds?

Seeing how customers learn and evaluate your category lets you pinpoint exactly where to spend your resources. You’ll enjoy better, more effective budget allocations.

Messaging Intel

Don’t be left wondering what positioning and messaging you need to get through the fog.

Customer journey maps identify what people need to see and hear to capture their attention so you can sprinkle them throughout the buyer journey.

Market Entry

When entering a new category, there’s a lot that you don’t know about how customers evaluate products and make purchase decisions. Spending time mapping the complete journey shows you if you can keep approach and tactics intact, or if you need to evolve your processes.

When Is It Time To Perform Customer Journey Research

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